Welcome to 2015

So 2014 has been and gone and we are now at the start of 2015. On a personal level for me 2014 wasn’t the best, largely due to my own fuckwittery, so with that in mind I’ve set myself some goals for this year with a view to making some personal progress. I’m not expecting to do everything on this list but I figure aim high, and I figure actually writing these things down might serve as a reminder to actually get shit done. With that in mind these are the basic aims for the year broken up by an assortment of memes:


Write more – I’ve discovered over the years that I really enjoy writing. The issue I have is that I’m easily distracted so I will have an idea and just not write it down or I get halfway through something and then something else catches my attention. Well the plan here is to actually try and make sure at the very least that I finish anything I start and that I also try and make sure I actually write things down a bit more regularly, how this will all pan out though is a different story.


Read more – I read a bit last year but got a bit lazy about it as the year went on, my current reading list stands at about 10 books already so far not factoring in a anything I decide to re-read or anything new that comes out. But in view of the fact that reading is something that genuinely relaxes me and with certain books allows me to escape into worlds where anything is possible it’s definitely something I need to make more effort with.


Drop some weight – In the last few years I’ve turned into a chunky bastard, this has been due to a combination of laziness, injuries and not eating especially healthily. With that in mind I’m not intending on any radical changes, just trying to snack less and generally easing up on the really unhealthy stuff I eat and cutting down noon things like coke and sugary stuff like that. May even start trying to get back into 5 aside football as various niggles finally seem to be clearing up.


Do more yoga – I tried yoga last year and while I felt like baby giraffe on ice in the sense that I seemed to have no control over my limbs however it did seem like it would do me some good in terms of my posture, which is bloody awful, and in terms of helping with issues I have with sleeping and general aches and pains. So the basic aim of this year is to to start going it on a regular basis. It may or may not help but until I do it on a regular basis I won’t actually know.


Get a new tattoo – Or more specifically start my sleeve. I have a number of scars one one of my arms from a period in my life I’m not especially proud of and I want of get a sleeve to cover them up. The issue I now have is one of finding a design I like that fits with the other tattoos I already have on that arm currently, so that’s the aim on that front. It may be I find something or I have an artistically gifted friend have a go but I essentially want that arm covered and looking sweet.


Look at starting German lessons – Or another language. I did basic German lessons a couple of years ago as work was doing them cheap and I wanted to see if I still had an understanding of what I learned at school. Turns out I did and really enjoyed learning it so I’m going to have a look at courses and see what’s out there. Maybe do some more German or just pick a language I know nothing about and that interests me and just run with it. Never a bad thing to learn new things after all.


Go to Iceland – Volcanos, natural springs and the fucking aurora borealis, combined with some scenery that looks pretty amazing, why wouldn’t you want to check Iceland out. To be fair it’s the northern lights that really got me interested in the idea of going to Iceland but the more I’ve researched it the more I want to go as there’s things like a Game of Thrones tour which takes in locations from the series. It’s an expensive place to go though so saving has commenced already.


Buy a new TV – This is merely a byproduct of my inner capitalist arsehole. I currently have a 32 inch TV which I’ve had for a few years now but being the person I am, that is it say I like shiny new technological items, I’ve decided I need a newer and bigger TV. I can’t say it’s a priority but the thought of watching films and playing games on a massive TV is very appealing to me.


Go to the zoo – Let’s put this out there off the bat, I fucking love the zoo, it’s one of very few places I can go where I feel centred. Obviously it’s hugely important that the animals aren’t being mistreated but I think the zoos in the UK would be in for a media shitstorm were that to be the case. But it’s just fascinating to see animals doing animal things, the red pandas for example are always good value for entertainment as they’re usually pissing around having fun.


Work on my happiness and being the best person I can be – I’ve occasionally neglected my personal happiness trying to be something I’m not, hopefully I’ve got over that and can just focus on doing things that make me happy and balance that out with doing my best to look out for the people I care about. I’m now more aware of when I’m feeling shite and I think this year if it gets bad then I may re-look at counselling as that’s proven to be helpful for me.


So yeah these are my goals for the year, I may not hit them all but they’re all achievable so I should be able to tick some of them off and will help to reinforce the fact that I am in control of my own life for the most part, which isn’t always the case. Anyway happy new year and if you’ve set yourself any goals or made any resolutions then good luck in achieving them.


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