Edinburgh: Day 1 – 5 hours on a train is not comfortable

In September I decided to go to Edinburgh for a few days, the rationale behind this was that I don’t really go away much anymore unless it’s the traditional winter break with my best friends and decided a break would do me good, plus it was a tester to see how I got on with being on my own for a week as if it went well then I’d maybe look at going different places as there’s quite a few places I want to visit.


Obviously the first day was a travel day, I’d decided to go by train as I just find them quite relaxing. I left from Kings Cross so I go to see the wall that is essentially platform 9 and 3 quarters from the Harry Potter books, I have to admit I was quite surprised at the number of people queueing to get a picture with the wall. The train journey was ok, I was sat next to an older lady who didn’t want to talk which left me free to read and listen to music. The views up to York were fairly dull but afterward picked up somewhat, the angel of the north is impressive and Berwick Upon Tweed was really picturesque with the added bonus of going through some forest areas that looked even prettier due to the mist that was present.


It was a 5 hour or so journey so needless to say that by the end of it my arse was sore and I was very glad to arrive, the train station had 2 exits so needless to say that idiot I am I picked the wrong one and realised after a 10 minute walk where I ended up nowhere near a hotel. Once realising this and eventually going the right way I arrived at the hotel, it was just a bog standard Travel Lodge but to be fair the room was immaculate and the bed was comfy and for the convenience of where it was located in relation to everything it was pretty much perfect.


After a little rest I decided to go out and explore a little, wandered aimlessly for a bit and fun a pub called the Conan Doyle which was really cool from an aesthetic standpoint, they’d really made an effort to give it a vintage feel, it was jut a shame that the beer selection was a bit generic. There was more wandering around after this, the architecture is seriously cool, there’s so many awesome old buildings to see. After a bite to eat I decided to check out the bar nearest the hotel, the Newsroom, as it had a really interesting window display going on, I stayed in there for a while drinking a few beers and reading my kindle as it was nice and peaceful with a good beer selection and once tiredness properly sent in I went back to the hotel for a well earned sleep


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