Edinburgh: Day 3 – A big bastard boat

As I had no specific plans for my day I afforded myself a bit of a lie in and have a relaxed morning, which was probably sensible given my legs were still pretty achy from the walking from the day before. So obviously decided to add to my walking down to the Royal Yacht Britannia, which had been recommended to me by various family members.


Fortunately it turned out to be quite a pleasant stroll as I got to take in more of the architecture of the city, and I have to say churches are often incredibly interesting looking buildings. I also saw something incredibly amusing, there’s something that never ceases to be funny funny about a statue where someone has put a cone on the head and this one being Queen Victoria just made it funnier. I did make a wrong turn into an area that seemed rough which made me worry that I’d get stabbed but the worst that happened was that I trod in some dogshit, caused by my zoning out and people being absolute arseholes and not clearing up after their dogs.


Anyway after a brief stop for lunch, which caused my legs to more of less completely seize up, it was on to the yacht. I got in the queue and completely spaced out again, luckily there was no dogshit this time just massive social awkwardness though that’s hardly new for me and I completely forgot what gift aid was so declined and realised too late to then change my mind so apologies polite counter lady I’ll try to remember next time.


I then proceeded to the yacht itself, checking out the displays set up along the way, and was given an automated tour thing where various exhibits are numbered and when you punch the number into the device it will tell you about the exhibit, I decided instantly that I didn’t want to use it so I ended up carrying it around the whole time and looking bit of a cretin. It was a cool ship though, I’ve only ever previously been on battleships and things so seeing something from a different perspective was interesting and it really reminds you just how good humans can be engineering such things, and it was cool to be able to see things like the bridge and the engine room as well as more human things like living rooms and dining rooms which were used by the royal family.


After wandering round to my hearts content I then meandered to the gift shop to get something for my grandparents, as they were the main ones to recommend the yacht to me as worth looking at, once this was done I decided to get the bus back seeing as I really didn’t have the heart to walk much more that day and also because I had exact change this time, and I had the traditional experience of having to deal with the crazy drunk guy talking at me which fortunately wasn’t a prolonged experience but after getting back my evening was spent getting dinner and then drinking while reading my Kindle before heading to bed.


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