So long 2016, thanks for nothing!

2016 has been a pretty bullshit overall, what with the sheer number of famous people that died who had been big parts of films and other mediums while I’ve been growing up. It’s also seen a lot of division in the world and a general rejection of politicians in the traditional sense, which is understandable as they’re predominantly self serving arseholes. With all that in mind the year was a bit of a shitbag on a personal level which I will go into a little below while also adding some random meme type images to break it up.


First up were a couple of job interviews. Now I’ve been at my current place just over 11 years at this point, and I’ve not had an external interview in that entire time. Needless to say going in to them I was incredibly nervous but I actually managed to give a pretty good account of myself in both instances. The feedback I got from both places was that they loved me and how I came across, which was obviously a massive positive. The downside being that they both thought I was too experienced for the roles they were offering and that they saw me in a more senior role. Obviously a disappointing outcome but the positive was that both companies wanted to keep hold of my details in case anything more suitable came up.


Next up was an actual, honest to goodness date proving dating websites can work. It was a pleasant surprise be messaged by someone and I just went with it and arranged to meet up. Which was slightly different to the usual overthinking of things with previous date. Anyway we met up and it seemed to go really well, we had a lot in common and there was plenty of easy conversation. At the end I gave her my number and left it with her as to whether she wanted to stay in contact and arrange a second date. Which we did though she subsequently cancelled and then dropped out of contact, which was a shame and disheartening but hopefully not a reflection on me. And that would be the overthinking and self doubt creeping in which is always a delight.


The worst part of the year was my gran passing away though. It was the suddenness of it all that was the hardest thing, she went from being seemingly fine and it good spirits and within a week she’d passed away. In all honesty I’d prepared myself for the worst when she’d initially got ill so it wasn’t a huge surprise but it was more a case of making sure my mum was ok. It’s a weird sensation losing someone that’s been a part of your life the entire time you’ve been alive, losing a constant was just bizarre and has taken a lot getting used to. The other factor was that I had to cancel a booked holiday to Amsterdam due to the timing, though it was obviously absolutely the only call to be made.


The icing on the cake was that we got burgled towards the end of the year. The most frustrating thing was that they basically bypassed the whole house and went straight for my room which would indicate they knew that was there. Thankfully they didn’t get too much, I finished work early that day so the thought is that I interrupted them which stopped them getting everything. It did involve the ballache of sorting insurance and re-buying what had been stolen which was surprisingly painless all told. It was also particularly fun of the police to turn up 5 days after the event to take statements too, though the forensics people had been out the day of the robbery. It’s a bastard that people just do shit like that though, buy your own shit fuckers.


All in all I was very glad to see the back of 2016, not sure what 2017 has in store but I’m cautiously optimistic that things will be better and I’ll be doing my best to make sure good things do happen for me.


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