Dreams are bloody weird

As a general rule I don’t remember what i dream about, therefore when I do it tends to stick out somewhat. A few years ago I started keeping a notepad by my bed so that I could note down what I remembered about my dreams. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and the upshot of having re-read them is that there’s a good chance I’m insane. I’ve also reached the point now where there are points where I can’t tell if I’ve dreamt something or if it’s an honest to goodness memory, which is always slightly concerning.


The plus side is that I think that were I to ever sit down and flesh out any of these ideas that I could potentially end up with a script for a not entirely terrible B movie. At the very least some of them could maybe wind up being so bad as to be good, though again some have the potential to be horrendous. Maybe I’ll give it a go at some point and see how one of them turns out.


What I find fascinating about dreams is how there’s basically no real structure to them. You can potentially move into another room of a house and it can be too big for the building you’re in or be somewhere else entirely and yet it somehow makes perfect sense in that context. As an example I once dreamt that I was in a city the size of New York and it was literally right next to a huge rainforest, and this made perfect sense at the time. I will also add that I was being chased by the Predator which was less than ideal but there we are.


A lot of my dreams seem to have been influenced to some level by the films I watch and the games I play. The aforementioned Predator scenario being a prime example but Resident Evil, Fallout, Robocop and god knows how many more have factored in from time to time. I’d be interested to see what a dream reader type would have to say though I’d imagine it would either be “you watch too much random shite” or “you’re utterly mental”, both of which are valid points.


In closing I’d like to leave you with what I dreamt about last night and allow you to judge. I was with a group of friends (not real life ones) and we decided to sneak into a laboratory in disguise, which was just us putting on a lab coat – though I also had on Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt as you do. We obviously get rumbled fairly quickly at which point we cause a distraction by starting a near riot in the front lobby and which point we start getting stoned. Not sure if there was an actual end game for this masterful display of espionage or whether it was just literally an excuse to get stoned but there you go, this is a degree of insight into how my brain works.


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