Flying business class – really quite pleasant

I’ve discussed previously that I’m not a fan of flying at all, it’s something that stresses me out immensely. So imagine if you will the surprise I experienced when I was asked by work to go to India for 2 weeks to do some project work. I’ve previously flown to India in 2011 when I went to Chennai and I had to go Economy which wasn’t much fun for a 10 hour flight.


Added this to was the fact that all the preparation to get flights booked, get a visa and sort everything else so I didn’t get a chance to get any valium for the flight which was a concern. Turns out what I didn’t realise was that policy had changed since my last trip and that I’d be sent business class, I’m seriously under no illusions that I’ll ever get to fly this way again so it was a little exciting.


It was a late flight from Heathrow so left early is to ensure that any traffic issues were accounted for, as it turned out the traffic was smooth sailing so left myself with about 4 hours to kill. I went to check in my baggage and was immediately told that I needed to go to the business class check in. This was immediately a lovely surprise as it meant not queuing at all.


I got access to the business lounge which meant that i could sit around in comfort and pass the time while not being crammed in next to anyone. To be fair I moved places about five or six times just because I wanted to try out all the different seat types, simple goals obviously but a mildly amusing way for me to pass the time.


The best part of the business lounge though was easily the free food and drink. The food was like a buffet thing with different stuff on offer, the spinach and mascarpone penne was nice as was the Singapore chicken. The obviously coup de grace though was the free alcohol. I had no valium for this flight so I got a mild buzz on to take the edge off, it worked quite well.


The flight itself was relatively straightforward, I had absolutely tons of leg room though which as a tall person is a complete novelty. Didn’t manage any sleep though as I just think I get too anxious about flying regardless so I hammered the films, I may write about those separately though as they’re films I’d wanted to see but not got round to before, one was very good, one was average and final one not so great.


The food was probably a bit too classy for me but was absolutely streets ahead of what you’d get if you were flying normally. Also a special mention to the flight attendants (if that’s the correct term) who were superb, really friendly and super attentive which just added to the overall experience for someone that absolutely hates flying. In summary business class does make the whole stress of flying much more bearable.


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