A year in review or how 2017 can suck my balls

It’s been an odd year this year. Don’t really remember much about the beginning too much, up to the point where I agreed to get my hair shaved off and a Nike tick shaved into what was left for charity. It was good in the sense that I raised a fuck ton of money, far more than I ever expected, but the down side was that I looked an utter cock. Luckily my hair grows pretty quickly so the tick was only really there for a couple of weeks.


Next up we had the standard love life clusterfuck, which I’ve touched on in a previous blog. At this point I think I’d be more surprised if something worked out well, on the plus side though at least I can recognise a bad situation and get out of it early which hasn’t been the case historically. In some respects I’m interested to see if 2018 can top this and and the same time I think I’m done with the whole dating thing as it’s clear I’m fucking terrible at it.


The latter half of the year I lost my way a bit as threw myself into work way too hard. It was cool in a certain sense as got to meet lots of awesome new people but I was also an idiot and pushed myself far harder than I should have. I think the end result of that has been that I’ve burned myself out and I’ve been struggling to get back to feeling normal. Making sure I don’t get so caught up in work is definitely something I need to work on next year that’s for sure.


One good thing that came out of the time put in at work was that I got to go to India for a fortnight. It was hard work and I got hardly any down time but it was cool meeting people that I’d only previously dealt with by email or conference call. I also got to fly business class on the way out which was cool, and I was excessively lucky on the way back as I got bumped for first class. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like flying because I’ve been doing it all wrong.


While I was out in India I got offered an interview for a job I’ve been wanting for a while. It was two days after I go back from India so prep time wasn’t ideal and I was jet lagged as fuck. As such I had probably one of the shittest interviews that I’ve ever had, and needless to say I didn’t get the job which was exceptionally disappointing. Obviously it’s just one of those things but definitely lessons to be learned for any future interviews, regardless of any timezone challenges.


November played host to one of the worst bouts of depression I’ve had in quite a while, again I’ve touched on this in a previous blog. I suspect how hard I’ve pushed myself in the latter half of the year contributed to this. I had been warned not to do this by various people that care about me and I chose to ignore the warnings thinking I knew best, which I really have learned isn’t always the case by now. Still it passed in time as normal so not the end of the world but a lesson learned about listening to people on occasion at least.


The beginning of December was the traditional winter break with my two best friends. We went to Cologne and it was pretty awesome, I’m personally a huge fun of Germany as I think the scenery is generally amazing and the people are super friendly. It was a good break as expected, checking out the cathedral, the various Christmas markets and naturally the bars. Even got a little snow out there which was nice and it was dealt with quickly and effectively on the roads. The same of which cannot be said for Holland and Belgium coming home, that was a long day of travelling.


I thought that would be a decent bookend to the year but that wasn’t to be, this is because one of my presents on Christmas day was a sickness bug. Obviously that knocked on my arse for a good few days after, not really the best Christmas present I got this year all in all. Also I’m not sure about what it is about being sick that makes me regress back to being a fucking six year old, all I want when I’m sick is to curl up in a ball and have someone stroke my hair.


So yeah overall 2017 was a bit of a shitbag, I’m pretty glad to see the back of it all said and done. There’s been some plus points, mostly around things I’ve done with friends over the course of the year, be it a fiends art show or doing my best to help a friend going through a rough time, I’ve got a pretty amazing group of friends so that aspect of the year has been pretty splendid. The friendship aspect of my life is definitely one of the reasons I’ve got a cautious optimism going into 2018, it’s going to be interesting getting to see more of some awesome people.


Normally going into a new year I have a big fuck off list of things I’d like to do but this year I’m aiming to keep it simple. This year I’m just aiming to take better care of myself physically and mentally, I’ve done a piss poor job of it this year and been bollocked by a few friends who’ve been worried about me. We’ll see how it all pans out, I’m sure I’ll get shit from someone at some point but I figure I’m old enough now to know that continually running myself into the ground won’t end especially well.


Anyway that’s my review of 2017, overall a dickbag of a year but ultimately I survived it. I’m going to do my best to make sure that 2018 is a significant improvement. As a ending note rather than spend time looking for various memes to add something visual to this I’ve decided to use photos from my Germany trip instead.


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