Minimalism is a pain in the arse

I’m a hoarder by nature, this is something that I’ve apparently inherited from my mother as she’s pretty bad. I understand her rationale to an extent, my folks didn’t have much money when we were kids due to them paying for our education, so she got quite good at spotting a multi buy deal, something she has continued to this day god love her.


I’d like to say that my hoarding is based on something as understandable as this but it isn’t, mine is a combination of laziness, a refusal to accept that I don’t need something and a misplaced optimism that I will eventually find a use for an item. That being said when I do have a clear out (which is nowhere as often as i should) it tends to be quite a brutal affair where it turns out i can actually be quite ruthless.


One of those clear out periods is currently in progress due to the fact that my room has essentially become an utter shithole and it’s about time I did did something about it. The upside to living at home is that it’s just the one room I’ve managed to turn into a dump rather than an entire house so every cloud and all that, I didn’t realise quite how much shit I’ve managed to accumulate though.


I’ve already started to make some changes to buying habits. I’m buying far more stuff digitally than I ever used to. I like having the physical copies of stuff but actually book, film and TV series are tend to be a bit cheaper digitally and there always seems to be offers on which is nice. Games companies haven’t quite got the memo with the new stuff yet which is inconvenient.


Day one of the clear out has has involved moving all my old comics out of my room and Jesus H Christ I had a fuck load in various parts of my room that I wasn’t even aware of. The other thing was to stat clearing out old packing boxes that I’d been using to store stuff in and to start lobbing stuff that had no purpose into a bin bag to be chucked out at the earliest opportunity.


There’s going to be a tip run to get rid of some this shit at some point this week, and I’ll be a good son and get rid of some stuff tomorrow. The issue I have is that after day one my back and hamstrings ache like a bastard, turns out I’m aa fucking mess who needs to start doing some exercise once this self inflicted soreness wears off, which I’m hoping will be sooner rather than later.


The likelihood is that then that’ll be it for another little while with my room as I’m a lazy shitbag and I tend to get distracted by other, more interesting things. The aim though is to actually try and stick with this while I’ve gotten some momentum. I mean I’ll never be totally minimalist but it’d be nice to enter my room at some point and not feel mildly ashamed at the disgraceful state it’s in.


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