2019 – Christ, August already

This year feels like it’s going way too fast, it’s August already and it seems to have basically shot by. It’s been a weird old year so far, there’s definitely been a decent amount of positives which is a good thing and the negatives have been either outside of my control or I have a rough idea of how to sort, I’ve also got things to look forward to which is a definite plus point.

d98dfe55dc48a13cec1486c0e6119f6325b5e9d3092d25ad31727b7190e307b3Negatives wise as I’m writing this I’m feeling a little iffy mental health wise, I realistically think this is just because I feel a bit run down and in need of a break which I will be looking to rectify as soon as possible. I think I’ve been overly cautious with holiday as I’m potentially going away in January so I’ve basically stockpiled my holiday foolishly. The upside though has been that I’ve been largely pretty good so far this year, I’ve generally been feeling pretty positive which is definitely a pleasant surprise.

The other main negative is that I’ve somehow managed to be in 2 car accidents. Nothing serious thankfully and not my fault either but after 37 years of no drama to have 2 in the space of 2 months is a little bit shite. I never realised how much of a ball ache it is sorting all the insurance and stuff, plus whiplash is utter ballbag. Though I obviously completely appreciate that I’ve really not got much to complain about in the grand scheme of things.


Actually there’s been some nice positives, for a start the job I moved into last year seems to be going really well, I’m really enjoying it and the indication from management is that I’m doing pretty decently which is always a good sign. I feel really pleased that I waited for chance rather than going for something else while I was waiting and I’m hoping that I can continue to get better, it just feels like it’s the right job for me and they even tolerate me as I am rather than wanting me to be someone I’m not which is awesome.

I managed to get away for a week in Newquay in April which was nice, I enjoyed going somewhere I’d not been before and getting to discover places that interested me and get out and about. I did a lot of walking that week and had a decent mixture of relaxing and doing stuff. I think I’d definitely take a similar approach of having a little bit of a structure next time I go away as it seemed to work wonders for me.


I’ve done some solid adulting this year too, saved up enough a deposit on a house and got a decision in principle for a mortgage. I Also realise I’m in a pretty solid position so can take my time to find the right place rather than needing rush. Essentially the plan is to see what I can find before the decision runs out and then if I don’t find the right place pick up next year when I should have a bit more saved up and can potentially have more options available.

I’ve done a decent amount of writing so far this year, mostly for my mates website twobeardgaming.com about games, films and other things. The best part of that has been that someone saw a review of a book I’d done and offered me the chance to review a book he’d written, which was a really nice surprise. It’s definitely the sort of thing that adds a bit of motivation to keep writing even when it can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore.

Even the usual manic obsessions haven’t been as prevalent really this year, I’m going through one at the moment but it’s just wanting to re-read old Nightwing comics which in the grand scheme of things is actually pretty manageable and not as infuriating as some things I’ve latched onto in the past as know a reasonable amount about Nightwing already so there’s no real need to stay up til stupid times at night doing research.


The rest of the year should be alright too, we’re hitting peak game time so there will be a lot coming out to play. There’s some good films on the way including the new Star Wars and then there’s obviously my nephews first birthday and getting to see him at Christmas too which will make it all a bit more special as while it’s obviously nice to spend time with family it’ll be cool to see all the stuff he’ll get as he’s totally going to get spoilt.

There’s also the yearly winter break with my mates in December to look forward to, looks like that’s going to be a sun break and while I’d usually bitch about this (mainly as I hate flying) this year it feels like a decent shout, just need to find a good place at a reasonable price that throws in decent booze in the all inclusive offering. There’s also the possibility of getting to visit a friend in Malaysia in the new year which I really hope pans out as it’d obviously be nice to catch up with the friend and also get to go somewhere I’ve never been and do the whole exploring thing.


So yeah could be a fun last couple of weeks of the year and a pretty splendid start to next year if it all pans out, obviously the more stuff I do the more material I’ll have to write about so it could all work out nicely.

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