2021 – Here’s hoping for a good year

As we’ve established 2020 was wank, the pandemic fucked up alot of things. Tons of films got delayed, and it was really difficult to go away anywhere due to the various lockdowns. Honestly it’s been a mercy to see the back of that shit show and hopefully 2021 can’t be any worse, though I wouldn’t surprised if it found a way to be an even bigger load of bollocks. That being said there are a few things I’m looking forward to and am hopeful for so I though I’d discuss them a little bit.

Movies – A lot of films got delayed last year (understandably) to be released in 2021 instead, things like Black Widow and Ghostbusters which I was really looking forward to and then there’s things like the new Matrix film that I’m intrigued by too. Plus there’s always loads of things that come out that I’m not even initially aware of that pique my interest so I’m sure there will be lots of other films I’ll want to see. I think the biggest question will be how that will work after all the Covid shit, will cinemas be able to re-open and things go back to how they were or are we looking at things moving more into the streaming space like some films did in 2020. I honestly hope I can get back to the cinema experience as there’s honestly nothing like getting to see certain films like that.

Holiday – I got a week away in Newquay last year but that was realistically the only proper break I got, I did a pretty shit job of looking after myself. I’m going into the new year with loads of holiday still to take for the remaining holiday year, not sure if I’ll be able to do anything with those aside take time off work but hopefully I’ll be able to do something aside from being sat at home. Hopefully as the year goes on though things will settle down a bit and I can start looking at properly getting away somewhere. I’ve got thoughts on places I’d like to go in the country, there’s the potential of going out to Malaysia to visit a friend if things are less shitty and then maybe I’ll go to Iceland to see the northern lights which would be a dream come true. Essentially I need to take time off work, take the time to actually get away from normal life and chill out while also getting to go exploring and discovering cool new places.

Endlords – Sometime pre 2007 I started reading the Sword of Shadows series of books by JV Jones, like a few other books around that time this was started by randomly looking at book covers in shops and then reading the blurb on the back to see if there was an instant appeal and with this series it resonated with me much more than initially expected due to what I personally thought was excellent character work and an interesting premise. At that point there were 2 books and since then there have been a further 2 books with the last being released in 2010. I’ve then had to wait for the fifth book to be written which may also wind up being the finale to the series so it’s one I’ve been anticipating for a while. I know the author had issues getting it started but since then it seems to have been going a little better for her, I have no idea if the tentative release window of 2021 is accurate but I’m obviously hoping it is as at this point it’s possibly the book I’ve been anticipating the most for quite a while.

TV – There’s been alot of good stuff I’ve watched over the course of 2020, the streaming services have offered a pretty cracking selection of options. There seems to be a fair bit coming out in 2021 that immediately appeals, you’ve got stuff like the Marvel shows that fit into the MCU, the third season of Cobra Kai (which I’ll have probably hammered before this actually gets posted) and then Star Wars shows nearer the end of the year. There also stuff like Ozarks which I really want to watch but haven’t got round to yet. I’m sure there will be stuff that I’ll miss that will be recommended to me as well which I’ll obviously give serious consideration to as that tends to work out quite well generally. I’m also really hoping for season 4 of the Dragon Prince, I know it’s in production currently but no idea what the turnaround time is like, at worst there should be some news about it at least.

Seeing people – 2020 has largely been a pretty difficult year for seeing friends as much as I’d have liked which was unexpected given alot of the time I find being social quite tiring. I managed to see few people which was nice but it’s been oddly lonely in spite of it being easy to stay in touch with people via the phone. I’m really hoping that I can see people face to face more often and do normal things like going to the pub, out for a meal or to the cinema to watch a film. Some of my friends live a little ways away too so being able to go and see them potentially means getting away for a little bit which would be lovely too. It’s been weird not seeing my best mate and his kids as much as usual, where we’d usually do something at least once a month so I’m definitely looking forward to future fancy beer nights and what not.

Games – This will be the first year of the new console generation so there’s hopefully going to be some good stuff coming that hasn’t been announced as yet. Of the stuff that has been announced I’m really looking forward to the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster and Halo Infinite and I’ll most likely wind up getting Cyberpunk too. I really hope they fix Assassins Creed Valhalla as I’m currently stuck on the story due to a bug that doesn’t allow me to progress which is infuriating. I’ll also likely make a decision on whether to get a Playstation 5 this year though that’s going to depend on what’s coming out as there’s currently nothing out that makes me want one, I know there’s going to be stuff coming out it’ll just depends on whether it comes out this year or not. I’m also hoping for an E3 return so that my mates and I can do our usual thing of watching the conferences and commenting along with the reveals as it’s really fun.

Nightwing – It’s been a hard couple of years as a Nightwing fan, the Ric Grayson arc was incredibly hard work. That’s over now so I was obviously looking forward to Dick Grayson being back and doing his thing. Then DC made an announcement that Tom Taylor was going to be taking over the writing in 2021 and I won’t lie I got a little emotional as he’s a writer I think is pretty amazing and in interviews since the announcement he’s said he wants to be working on the book for a long time and wants to establish Nightwing as a character on the same level as characters like Batman and Superman which is a huge deal. It honestly has gone from something I was looking forward to to becoming something I’m genuinely excited about. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to pan out and what adventures await, and I’m also really interested to see how Barbara Gordon is going factor into it all. I have high hopes and honestly can’t wait for March to get here to read the starting point.

So yeah I’m really looking forward to this year, providing things start to go back to some semblance of normal I think there’s a lot to look forward to. It’s nice to have things to look forward to after the last 12 months. There’s always the possibility of unexpected things happening too which generally winds up being a positive thing. All in all after last year it’s pretty much impossible for me to not try and look for positives so fingers crossed it’ll pan out to be a cracking year.

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