Films Worth Checking Out

I’ve seen a few films in the last couple of months and they’ve all been pretty decent to be fair so I thought I’d write a bit about them.

Pitch Perfect 2 – I won’t lie I expected all the best scenes to have been in the trailer and the film to be a bit weak but I’m pleased to report I was massively wrong with that judgement. Genuinely one of the funniest films I’ve seen at the cinema, from start to finish it kept me laughing. Rebel Wilson is incredibly funny and I think what helped the film was that there was a definite sense that it wasn’t taking itself too seriously and even the emotional bits worked with the humour. I would definitely recommend it. pitch-perfect-2-poster Avengers: Age of Ultron – Let me start by saying it’s flawed and not as good as the first film but it’s still immensely enjoyable. Joss Whedon knows how to work with an ensemble though to be fair even he struggles a bit given the sheer number of characters he has to pay service to. There’s a definite sense that there has been bits cut out that would add more to the overall story though it would be at the expense of the pacing, I would definitely be interested to see a directors cut though. Avengers-Age-of-Ultron Tomorrowland – Visually absolutely stunning but the pacing really lets it down, it never seems to flow very well which is a genuine shame as there’re the potential for it to be a very good film but poor pacing is a major flaw for me. That being said George Clooney is excellent in it and frankly it acts as a reminder that Hugh Laurie should be cast in more.


Fast and Furious 7 – Brainless but a lot of fun, I’m late to the whole Fast and Furious thing but I’ve really enjoyed the later instalments, benefitted massively by the inclusion of the Rock and some decent villains, of which this films bad guy, portrayed by Jason Statham, is a particular standout. It also does a nice job of closing off Paul Walker’s character and paying a pretty moving tribute to the actor in light of his death.


Big Hero 6 – I missed this at the cinema so waited for an official release to check it out as I had heard good things. Let me state that I wasn’t disappointed at all, it’s visually stunning, funny and has more than enough feels that even I was choked up at points. I would go so far as to say it’s in my top 5 animated films of all time and I would urge anyone to check it out.


Spy – I’m not a huge fan of Miranda Hart or Melissa Mccarthy but in this they get to cut loose from what I’ve seen of the before and are really funny as a result, McCarthy in particular is hilarious when her character cuts loose. The film is aided by some excellent supporting performances, particularly Rose Byrne and Peter Serafinowicz though for e the show was stolen by Jason Statham’s character who is just utterly mental in the best possible way.


Mad Max: Fury Road – For me the film of 2015 so far. It follows the Dredd template of making the title character something of a supporting player, which works exceptionally for me as it allows Furiosa to take centre stage and she’s a particularly compelling character and her dynamic with Max is excellently realised. The film also has the benefit of being absolutely stunning and is full of some of the most brutal and visceral action I’ve seen in the last 10 or so years. Definitely one to check out.


Jurassic World – I love dinosaurs so I’m biased when it comes to a film with them in but I loved Jurassic World, it pays just enough homage to the original while still being very much its own beast. Like Mad Max it features a strong female character, and in this instance has the distinctive plus of starring Chris Pratt who is rapidly turning into one of the most watchable actors there is. I was riveted from start to finish both times I’ve seen it. Plus it has the original Tyrannosaurus Rex from the original film, this pleases me immensely.


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